Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Welcome to Genealogy from the Godfrey!

The Godfrey Memorial Library would like to welcome you to our newest enterprise in expanding our digital presence!  The idea of a blog for genealogists has been rolling around in our heads for a little while now and with the start of the new year we thought it was the perfect time to make that idea into reality.  Genealogy from the Godfrey will showcase historical and genealogical information, tips for genealogists old and new, and be the go-to place for finding out what's happening at the Godfrey.

Welcome and enjoy! 

The Godfrey Memorial Library is a private non-profit genealogy library located at 134 Newfield Street, Middletown Connecticut.  Founded in 1947 by Wesleyan librarian and dedicated genealogist Fremont Rider, the Godfrey has always striven to fulfill our mission of inspiring people to find their place in history.  The library is open free to the public and has a growing digital collection that can be accessed via subscription.

For more information about the Godfrey, please visit our website at