Saturday, July 26, 2014

This Week in the Scholar

In 1924 two brothers from Middletown, CT opened the Dunn Funeral Home at 530 Main Street.  The Godfry Library is lucky enough to have exclusive access to the records of the Dunn Funeral Home records from 1910 to 1966, from before the official location was even opened!  Before the official funeral home opened caskets were built in the local furniture store and viewings were held in the families' homes.  And now all eleven volumes of these records are available on the Godfrey Scholar!  In a few weeks we'll have them indexed and searchable as well.

We've also added more genealogies, biographies, and a few more records from the Doolittle Funeral Home.

Funeral Home
Doolittle Burial Returns: Volume 59: Oct. 1959 to Sep. 1961*
Doolittle Burial Returns: Volume 60: Sep. 1961 to May 1963*

Dunn Burial Returns Volume 1: September 1910 to November 1913*
Dunn Burial Returns Volume 2: November 1913 to July 1916*
Dunn Burial Returns Volume 3: July 1916 to October 1918*
Dunn Burial Returns Volume 4: October 1918 to March 1921*
Dunn Burial Returns Volume 5: March 1921 to August 1923* 
Dunn Burial Returns Volume 6: August 1923 to February 1926*
Dunn Burial Returns Volume 7: February 1923 to April 1927*
Dunn Burial Returns Volume 8: July 1936 to July 1942*
Dunn Burial Returns Volume 9: July 1942 to September 1947*
Dunn Burial Returns Volume 10: September 1947 to January 1953*
Dunn Burial Returns Volume 11: January 1953 to May 1966*

History of the Adams and Evart Families*
The Story of the Arndts*
General History of the Burr Family in America*
Genealogy of the Descendants of Anthony Collamer*
The Courtright (Kourtright) Family*

A Record of the Descendants of Robert Dawson of East Haven CT*
Genealogy of the Feltus Family*
Genealogical Advertiser Vol. 1*
Genealogical Advertiser Vol. 2*
Genealogical Advertiser Vol. 3*
Genealogical Advertiser Vol. 4*

Families of Ancient New Haven Volume 1*
Families of Ancient New Haven Volume 2*

Confessions of Boyhood: James Albee*
Alexander Viets Griswold Allen*
Autobiographical Sketches and Personal Reflections by Geo. T. Angell

State and Local Histories
Refugee Loyalists of Connecticut*      

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