Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last Week on the Scholar

Last week we added all sorts of incredible works to the Scholar.  Among the searchable books added are state and local histories, genealogies, biographies, and vital records from several Connecticut town.  We also added two record books from the Cromwell First Congregational Church and two sets of funeral home records, the first from New Britain's B.C. Porter Furniture Dealer and Undertake and the second from Middletown's Coughlin-Lastrina Funeral Home.  The two funeral home records are high priority on our list of records to index, so these records will hopefully be searchable very soon!

The Life of Frank Buckland*
The Life and Public Service of Grover Cleveland*
The Life of Willbur Fisk*

Church Records
Cromwell First Congregational Church, American Register 1827-1938
Cromwell First Congregational Church, Pilgrim Register 1925-1962

Funeral Home Records
Middletown CT's Coughlin-Lastrina Funeral Home Burial Records: 1890-1916
Middletown CT's Doolittle Funeral Home Burial Returns: Volume 68: May 1976 to April 1978
New Britain CT's B.C. Porter Furniture Dealer and Undertaker's Record Books: 1871-1919

Johann Mullich and the Millick Family of Philadelphia*
The Sautter Family and its Close Association with other German Confectioners*

State and Local Histories
The True Story of the Galveston Flood as Told by Survivors*

Vital Records
Vital Records of Bolton to 1854 and Vernon to 1852*
Vital Records of Coventry: 1711 to 1844*
Vital Records of New Haven 1649 to 1850: Part 1*
Vital Records of New Haven 1649 to 1850: Part 2*
Vital Records of Norwich 1659 to 1848: Part 1*
Vital Records of Norwich 1659 to 1848: Part 2*
Vital Records of Woodstock 1686 to 1854*

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