Sunday, September 7, 2014

This Week in the Scholar

Forgive the late posting, but it's been a busy weekend!  With more books being added to the Scholar all the time as well as preparing for the first of what we hope will be a series of luncheon presentations, and getting ready for the annual appeal, it's been a hectic time at the Godfrey!  This week we have added another selection of biographies and genealogies, as well as another book of burial returns from the Doolittle Funeral Home.  Next week look forward to more genealogies and biographies of people with last names starting with D and E, as well as even more burial returns!

Life and Public Services of James Buchanan*
The Knightly Soldier: Henry Ward Camp*
Life of Martin Cheney*
Curiosities of A Scotts Carda Chest*
Life of Rufus Choate*
Memorial Addresses of Frank G. Clarke*
Life of Schuyler Colfax*
Reminiscences of  Journalist by Charles T. Congdon*
Life of Alfred Cookman*
Autobiography of T. Jefferson Coolidge*
Memorial Addresses of Samuel Sullivan Cox*
In Memoriam of John Crowell*
American Men of Letters: George William Curtis*
American Actor Series: Charlotte Cushman*
Life of James DeKoven*
Admiral George Dewey: A Sketch of the Man*
Memorial of David L. Dodge
Memorial Addresses on Abraham Dowdney*
Life and Life-Work of Charles Benjamin Dudley*
In Memoriam of James Duncan*
Memorial of Edward Everett*

Funeral Records
Doolittle Funeral Home Burial Returns Volume 64: November 1968 to August 1970
Caverno Family*
Chatfield Family*
Chipman Lineage*
Clarke Genealogy*
Philadelphia Branch of the Clarkson Family*
Conklings in America*
Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel Converse Jr.*
Descendants of William Cornwall*
Genealogical and Biographical History of Griffin and Alice Craft*
Life and Ancestry of Francis Douglas*
Descendants of Thomas and Agnes (Dryburgh) Duncan*

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