Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Marks the Start of the Godfrey's Busy Season

In spite of this warm spell hinting otherwise, New England's vibrant foliage is letting everyone know that autumn is most certainly here!  With the change in the season comes an upswing in the number of visitors to the Godfrey: we're already noticing a marked increase in the number of patrons we see each day.  Since genealogical research is, for the most part, a hobby to be undertaken indoors this makes fall and winter the perfect seasons for genealogists to visit libraries or stay home and research online.

As if to commemorate the onset of research season, October is Family History Month!  Since it's institution in 2001 family history enthusiasts, archives, and research institutions have celebrated Family History Month in a variety of ways.  Be sure to take a look at organizations near you to see if they offer any special programs or deals.    

If you've even had a passing interest in genealogy Family History Month is a great time to get started.  You can attend presentations and seminars, sign up for membership to online databases, and visit libraries and archives.  If you live near or happen to be traveling by Middletown, Connecticut we'd love it if you stopped by the Godfrey!  Our knowledgeable staff and volunteers are experts at helping both new and experienced genealogists.  You may also consider ordering microfilm from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, which can be viewed at the Godfrey's Family History Center. 

The fall and winter months are also an ideal time to do some volunteering!  Since this is our busy season the Godfrey needs volunteers now more than ever.  Everyone is welcome and there is always lots to do!  You can try your hand at indexing old records from funeral homes and churches, take photographs of old books, help behind the scenes of the Ed Laput Cemetery Project, or guide others in their use of the library by becoming a docent.  If any of this strikes your fancy please be sure to give us a call. 

For questions regarding visiting the library or volunteering please contact us by phone at (860) 346-4375 or email at

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