Monday, November 10, 2014

This Week on the Scholar

It has been another great week for adding content to the Scholar!  This will most likely be the last large installment of new genealogies and biographies added to the Scholar from our current backlog.  There will certainly still be more, but they will be interspersed with a little more variety as well.  Next week you can look forward to a set of history books from Iowa as well as much more!

We are also very pleased to announce that the Midwife Records of Sebastiana Misenti from Middletown and Ansonia Connecticut have been completely indexed!  These indexes are available on the Scholar and the records are now completely searchable searchable!  Sebastiana was the go to midwife for Italian immigrants from Mellili Italy who lived in Middletown and Ansonia Connecticut.  If you have Italian ancestors from the area they are well worth a look! 

A Memorial of William Rice*
Sketch of the Life and Public Services of William Richardson*
Pen-Portraits: A Collection of Personal and Political Reminiscences by William S Robinson*
An Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt*
Theodore Roosevelt: An Intimate Biography*
Theodore Roosevelt and His Time Vol. 1*
The Man As I Knew Him: Theodore Roosevelt*
Memorial of Horace William Rose*
Papers of Thomas Ruffin Vol. 1-4*
William Goodwin Russell*
Memorials of John Towill Rutt*
Memorial of Stephen Salisbury*
Recollections of Seventy Years by F.B. Sanborn*
Memoirs of the Life of Nathaniel Stacy*
III Score and X or Selections, Collections, Recollections of  Seventy Busy Years by Silas Comfort Swallow*

Perkins Arms in England*
Reynolds Family Association: 12th Annual Reunion*
Reynold Family Association 15th Annual Reunion*
Roberts Family of Simsbury CT*
Robinson Family Genealogical and Historical Association*
Genealogical Memoir of Nathaniel Rogers*
Ropers of Sterling and Rutland*
Ryerson Genealogy*
Genealogical Record of the Descendants of David Sage*
Sampson Family in America: Genealogical Memoirs*
Stanleys of Knowsley*
Yeager, Buffington, Creighton, Jacobs, Lemon, Hoffman, and Woodside Families: A Brief History*

Vital Records
 Index for the Midwife Records of Sebastiana Misenti from Middletown and Ansonia Connecticut*

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