Sunday, November 2, 2014

This Week on the Scholar

We hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween this year!  Over the holiday weekend we added more biographies and a few more genealogies to the Scholar.  If you've been following our blog you also know we've finally indexed the church records in our collection from Congregational churches in Groton, Voluntown, Sterling, and Waterford.  We are working on indexing more funeral records from the Doolittle funeral home and also on scanning records from the Roberts Funeral Home from the 1940s!  Look for these new records in the upcoming weeks!

Diary of Ebenezer Parkman*
Journey to Arant by Friedrich Parrot*
Life and Character of Cornelius R. Parsons*
Memorial Addresses of Sereno Elisha Payne*
Tina and her Husband Salvatore Pennuto*
Memorial Addresses on James Breck Perkins*
Memorial of John D Philbrick*
Andrew Wheeler Phillips*
Life of Timothy Pickering Vol. 1*
Life Romance of an Algebraist: George Winslow Pierce*
Memorial Addresses on Austin Pike*
Sketch of the Life of Samuels F. Pratt*
Life of William Hickling Prscott*
My Day, Reminsicences of a Long Life by Mrs. Roger A. Pryor*
Israel Putnam*
Life of William Quarter*
Life and Correspondence of John A. Quitman Vol. 1*
Life and Correspondence of John A. Quitman Vol.  2*
American Statesmen John Randolph*
Memoirs of Robert Rantoul Jr.*
Memorial of Alexander Hamilton Rice*
Memorial Addresses on John B. Rice*
Life Work of Cora L.V. Richmond*
Memoirs of Major General Riedesel Vol. 1*
Memoirs of Major General Riedesel Vol. 2*
American Men of Letters: George Ripley*
John Codman Ropes*
Memorial of Horace William Rose*

Paine Ancestry*
Penn Family of Virginia*
Pepys Family Genealogy*
Ancestry of John Pratt*
Prentice of Prentiss Family History and Genealogy*
Genealogical Memoir of the Prescott Families in America*
Preston Family of Willington, CT*
Quinby Family Genealogical History*
Robert Randall and his Descendants*
Robinsons, Saffords, Harwoods, and Clarks Genealogical History*
Genealogical Memoir of Nathaniel Rogers*
Runnels and Reynolds Families Genealogy*
Rutherford and Darwin Genealogy*

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