Friday, February 5, 2016

Follow Friday: Middletown CT Genealogy Blogs

 We're closed today because of the snow, so we're home catching up on our genealogy reading... And like many of you, the Middletown area is a big area of interest. Did you know that there are at least three genealogy blogs that can help you trace your Middletown ancestors - in addition to ours?

  1. Middletown 366: Created in honor of the 366th anniversary of Middletown's founding, Middletown 366 traces a day's history in Middletown's past. This could be an important news event or a more personal story. Godfrey's collections were featured on the entry for February 3rd.
  2. 150 Years Ago in Middletown: Created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the blog features that day's news from the Middletown Constitution.  
  3. Explorations in Connecticut Genealogy: Written by an area genealogist, this genealogy blog includes a number of Middletown items.

Did we miss a blog? Please let us know!

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