Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Spring Cleaning?

Are you cleaning out your bookshelves? Donate your unwanted books to the Godfrey Library!

The Godfrey Memorial Library gladly accepts donations of genealogy-related books. If we don't have a place for a book on our shelves, it may be included in our online book sale that helps support the Godfrey's continued operation.

We have more than 500 used books available for purchase on eBay and through our website. Topics include Connecticut history, New England history, genealogy resource and "how to" books, military, immigration, genealogies/biographies, and more. Many of these books are out of print and incredibly difficult to find, even through online markets. Books are priced below the rate found on AbeBooks and other popular genealogy book dealers.

Wish to make a donation? Please email Beth Mariotti at bmariotti@godfrey.org or call the library at 860-346-4375. We'll let you know what materials we can accept and how we can receive them. 

Interested in purchasing a book? Visit our online book sale for more details.

Books For Sale

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