Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: How to Order Films to View at the Godfrey Family History Center

Did you know you can use Godfrey’s Family History Center to look at films from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City? It’s a great way to examine records from around the world and even dating back to colonial times in the U.S.

Here's how to order.

Don’t have an account?

1.      Go to www.familysearch.org/films.

2.      Click “Create an account” and follow the steps to designate Godfrey as the Family History Center you will use to view films. 

Do you have the film number?

1)      Go back to www.familysearch.org/films

2)      Enter the number in the box to the left and click “Search.”Information will appear to the right which allows you to place your order

Don’t have the film number?

1)      Go to www.familysearch.org.

2)      Click “Search” and then “Catalog.”

3)      Choose a search category and enter the pertinent information.

4)      Click “Search.”

5)      A new page called "Search Results for FamilySearch Catalog" will open. Click on a category and then a title for more information.

6)     Scroll down to see details of the listing of films and the film numbers.

7)      Click on the film image next to the film you wish to order.

8)      A new page will open with instructions. Follow them to complete your order.

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