Friday, February 26, 2016

Blog Post Helps Uncover a Hidden Resource

Thanks to Pat Burke for today's guest post!

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you

I have been a reference assistant at the Godfrey Memorial Library for almost 4 years. Working on my own genealogy I found information on Ancestry that my 4th great grandfather had served as a recruiting sergeant in 1778. The source of this information was an excerpt from “Memoir of William Burke, a Soldier of the Revolution”. I had looked in the Genealogy shelves at the library but did not find the book there.

Recently, while working at the docent desk, I was looking at an article on the Godfrey blog titled “Connecticut Revolutionary War Resources in Godfrey's Collection”. When I clicked on the finding tool, I discovered my 4th great grandfather’s name. I searched the Godfrey catalogue and found the book listed with a call number that indicated it should be on the shelf in Genealogies. It was not there. While Beth checked the oversized shelves, I checked the Specials Bookshelves. To my surprise and delight, there was the book!

This book was prepared from a journal he kept and was published in 1837, a year after his death. It provides a fascinating insight into life in Revolutionary War times and our family history. If not for the blog, I probably would not have found it. I had practically been sitting next to it for a couple of years.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: World War I (First World War) Genealogy Resources at Godfrey Library

We're getting ready to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Did you have ancestors who served? Maybe it's time for you to learn more! We've been compiling a list of books and other records about the War in the library. It's not quite ready to go online, but here's a preview... Keep in mind, the list is subject to change as we verify the item's location.

To view  the list directly, click here.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Deed Microfims Help Build Your Tree

Enjoy today's guest post on the role of deeds in your research!

Use of Real Estate Deeds to Establish Family Connections

The first installment of this series discussed how the use of real estate deeds obtained through the Family History Center at the Godfrey Memorial Library can be a way to uncover spousal identity.
In this second installment, the use of real estate deeds to identify other family relationships is discussed. 
The use of wills was not overly prevalent during the 19th century, especially in rural areas.  Many adults died relatively young and unexpectedly due to the outbreak of a particularly virulent illness.  In those intestate situations, the deceased’s land would be divided between his spouse (dower’s right) and any children.  Often times, however, some of the land had to be first sold to satisfy an estate’s debts.  Typically, the division of land either left small parcels which the heirs would then typically sell or if a division of the land could not be agreed upon, then the heirs sold their interests prior to any division of the land.
For instance, my great-great grandfather, Philip W. Smith, died intestate in 1878 in Sussex County, New Jersey.  His ten surviving children sold off the 51 acres inherited to one of their cousins.  We find a transaction in 1881 which states that six of the heirs of Philip W. Smith are each selling their one-tenth interest, for a total amount conveyed of six-tenths.  This confirms the identity of six of the children and also states which ones were married at that time, along with the name of each spouse.  These six lived in or near Sussex County.  A seventh heir executed at the same time a separate deed to sell his one-tenth interest because he was stated as living in Illinois at that time, thus providing information on his location.  The other three children were still minors in 1881 but each executed a deed later to sell their one-tenth interest upon reaching 21 years of age.  This was a very typical pattern and helps to 1) identify living children; 2) identify their locations; and 3) identify the names of spouses.  If the heir was a female and married, then the full name of her husband would be stated since women at that time could not own land separate of their spouse.
Similarly, another relative, named Lodewick Smith died intestate in early 1810 in Sussex County.  In this case, his widow decided to be the administratrix of his estate.  During the proceedings to settle the estate, an 1817 deed reveals that she has remarried since she is identified as “Mary Teeple, formerly Mary Smith….Administratrix of the estate of Lodewick Smith, deceased…”  This was further confirmed by an 1812 marriage record between Joseph Teeple and Mary Smith.  With a common name such as Smith, this type of confirming record is critical.  And similar to the first example discussed, her three children later each sold their one-third interest.  In this case, a daughter was married and her husband was fully identified.
The above two examples provide just two examples of how interesting family relationships can be found in deeds.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Did your ancestor serve in office in Connecticut, are you interested in Connecticut laws, or Connecticut history?

  Sometimes you need a bit of Connecticut history to help your research along... If your ancestor served in office, you'll need to know in what years and in what position they served. If you study a will or land record, you might need to know the applicable laws.

That's where the Connecticut State Register and Manual can help. Published since the early 1800s, it lists state officials, expenses for school districts and more. Versions published from 2008 to the present are available online. Looking for earlier? We have almost a complete run, beginning in 1804.

1841 edition

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Connecticut Revolutionary War Resources in Godfrey's Collection

Want to know about your Connecticut ancestor's service in the American Revolution? Are you trying to document service for a DAR or SAR application? Godfrey's library collection might offer some help.

We're in the process of preparing a finding aid that will eventually appear on Godfrey's website... but you're getting a preview. Please let us know about any typographical or other errors.
If the finding aid does not display properly, you can view it here.

author  title  publisher  publication date publication place  library call number on Godfrey Scholar

Abigail Phelps Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Simsbury Soldiers in the War of the Revolution The Chapter  1982 Simsbury, CT CT 974.91 SIMSBUR APC-DAR 1982
Bates, Albert C. Lists and Returns of Connecticut Men in the Revolution, 1775-1783 Heritage Books 1995 Bowie, MD CONN 352 REV 1995
Bissell, F. Clarence Daniel Bissell of Windsor: the Revolutionary Spy
1914 Hartford, CT 929.2 BISSELL 1914
Brooks, Jack R. The Ancestors and Descendants of Silas Brooks (1760-1849) and His Wife Elizabeth Beckwith (1766-1846) Jack R. Brooks 2004 Meriden, CT 929.2 BROOKS 2004
Burke, William Memoir of William Burke Case, Tiffany 1837 Hartford, CT 929.2 BURKE 1837
Burr, Nelson Rollin From Colonial Parish to Modern Suburb: A Brief Appreciation of West Hartford
CONN 974.91 W-HTFD 1976
Chatfield, Mrs. Chester H. Families of Our Revolutionary Ancestors, Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution The Chapter  1956 Fairfield, CT CONN 366 DAR FAIRFIE 1956
Clark, George L Silas Deane, a Connecticut Leader in the American Revolution G. P. Putnam's Sons 1913 New York, NY 929.2 DEANE 1913
Clarke, Katheryn Cilley Benedict Arnold: Patriot or Opportunist? Lucretia Shaw Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution  2009 New London, CT q929.2 ARNOLD 2009
Connecticut  Daughters of the American Revolution Connecticut Revolutionary Pensioners Clearfield Publishing Company 1997 Baltimore CONN 352 CTDAR 1997
Connecticut Adjutant-General's Office The Record of Connecticut Men in the Military and Naval Service During the War of the Revolution, 1775-1783 Genealogical Publishing Company 2003 Baltimore CONN 352 JOHNSTON 2003
Connecticut Society Sons of the American Revolution Unveiling of Memorial Tablet to Daniel Bissell
1919 Hartford, CT BIOFILE 929.2 BISSELL 1919
Connecticut Sons of the American Revolution The Connecticut Line Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
East Haddam, CT CONN q366 CTSAR CT-LINE
Connecticut Sons of the American Revolution New Haven Revolutionary Characters Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution 1911 New Haven CONN 974.91 NEWHAV E 1911
Connors, Daniel B Saybrook and the American Revolution: the Saybrook Town Acts, 1774-1783 Deep River Historical Society 1976 Deep River, CT CONN 974.91 OLDSAYE 1976
Cropsey, Joyce MacKenzie Register of Revolutionary Soldiers and Patriots Buried in Litchfield County Mary Floyd Tallmadge Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution 1976 Canaan, NH CONN 974.91 LITCHFI 1976
Cummin, Katharine Hewitt. Connecticut Militia General, Gold Selleck Silliman American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut 1979 Hartford, CT 929.2 SILLIMA 1976 
Denison, Elverton Glen Denison Genealogy The Fredonia Censor 1939 Fredonia, NY 929.2 DENISON 1939
Destler, Charles McArthur Connecticut: the Provisions State Pequot Press 1973 Chester, CT CONN 974.9 DESTLER 1973
Farham, Thomas J. New Haven: The Revolutionary Generation New Haven Bicentennial Commission 1976 New Haven, CT CONN 974.91 NEW HAVEN 1976
Fennell, Lela Brooks Nathaniel Brooks of Ashford, Connecticut, Revolutionary War Pensioner Gateway Press 1989 Baltimore 929.2 BROOKS 1989
Fennelly, Catherine Connecticut Women in the Revolutionary Era Pequot Press 1975 Chester, CT CONN 352 FENNELL 1975
Gerlach, Larry R Connecticut Congressman Samuel Huntington, 1731-1796 American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut 1976 Hartford, CT 929.2 HUNTINGT 1976 
Grumman, William Edgar The Revolutionary Soldiers of Redding, Connecticut and the Record of their Services Hartford Press 1904 Hartford, CT CONN 974.91 REDDING 1904
Halloway, Charlotte Molyneux Nathan Hale: the Martyr-Hero of the Revolution A.L. Burt 1899 New York, NY 929.2 HALE 1899
Hay, Thomas Arthur Martin Genealogy
929.2 MARTIN 1911
Hayes, John T. Connecticut's Revolutionary Cavalary, Sheldon's Horse Pequot Press 1975 Chester, CT CONN 352 HAYES 1975
Hayes, John T. Connecticut's Revolutionary Press Pequot Press 1975 Chester, CT CONN 352 CUTLER 1975
Ifkovic, John Connecticut's Nationalist Revolutioanry American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut 1977 Hartford 929.2 TRUMBUL 1977
Jacobus, Donald Lines Revolutionary War Records of Fairfield, Connecticut Genealogical Publishing Company 2004 Baltimore CONN 974.91 FAIRFIE
Johnston, Henry Phelps Yale and Her Honor-Roll in the American Revolution, 1775-1783 G. P. Putnam's Sons 1888 New York CONN 974.91 NEWHAV YALE 1888
Johnston, Henry Phelps Record of Connecticut Men in the I. War of the Revolution II. War of 1812 III. Mexican War Case, Lockwood & Brainard 1889 Hartford CONN q352 RECORD 1889
Kuhl, Jackson Samuel Smedley, Connecticut Privateer History Press 2011 Charleston, SC CONN 974.9 KUHL 2011
Lawson, Thomas Verbatum Copy of the List of Revolutionary War Soldiers from Union, Conn.
CONN 352 LAWSON 1903
Lee, W.W. A Catalogue of Barkhamsted Men Who Served in Various Wars 1775 to 1865 Republican Publishing 1897 Meriden, CT CONN 974.91 BARKHAM 1897 
Mather, Frederic Gregory The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut J.B. Lyon 1913 Albany, NY CONN 929.3 MATHER 1913 
Middlebrook, Louis F Captain Gideon Olmsted, Connecticut Privateersman, Revolutionary War Newcomb & Gauss 1933 Salem, MA 929.2 OLMSTED 1933
Middlebrook, Louis F Salisbury Connecticut Cannon, Revolutionary War Newcomb & Gauss 1935 Salem, MA CONN 974.91 SALISBU 1935
Middlebrook, Louis F Exploits of the Connecticut Ship "Defence"
1922 Hartford  929.2 SMEDLEY 1922
Middlebrook, Louis F History of Maritime Connecticut During the American Revolution, 1775 -1783 The Essex Institute 1925 Salem, MA CONN 352 MIDDLEB 1925 V. 2/ CONN 352 MIDDLEB 1925 V. 1
Morehouse, Cornelius Star Ancestry and Descendants of Gershom Morehouse, Jr. of Redding, Connecticut Tuttle, Morehouse, & Taylor 1894 New Haven 929.2 MOREHOU 1894
Mullen, Jolene Roberts Connecticut Town Meeting Records During the American Revolution Heritage Books 2011 Westminster, MD CONN 974.9 MULLEN V1 2011/CONN 974.9 MULLEN V2 2011
Nafie, Joan To the Beat of a Drum: a History of Norwich, Connecticut During the American Revolution Old Town Press 1975 Norwich, CT CONN 974.91 NORWICH 1795
Niven, John Connecticut Hero Israel Putnam American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut 1977 Hartford, CT 929.2 PUTNAM 1977
Northup, A. Judd The Northrop-Northrup Genealogy Grafton Press 1908 New York, NY SPEC 929.2 NORTHU 1908
O'Brien, Michael J. Irish Sea-Captains of New London Who Commanded Privateers in the American Revolution The Journal of the American-Irish Historical Society 1927 New York, NY 994.1 Ireland AIHS
Pagliuco, Christopher The Great Escape of Edward Whalley and William Goffe: Smuggled through Connecticut History Press 2012 Charleston, SC CONN 974.9 PAGLIUCO 2012 
Phelps, Noah Amherst History of Simsbury, Granby, and Canton, from 1642 to 1845 Simsbury Historical and Genealogical Research Library 2001 unknown CONN 974.91 GRANBY 2001 
Phelps, Richard Harvey Newgate of Connecticut E. Greer 1844 Hartford CONN 974.91 GRANBY 1844
Prince, Christopher Autobiography of a Yankee Mariner: Christopher Prince and the American Revolution Brassey's  2002 Washington, DC 929.2 PRINCE 2002
Richards, Josephine Ellis Honor Roll of Litchfield County Revolutionary Soldiers Mary Floyd Tallmadge Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution 1912 Litchfield, CT CONN 974.91 LITCHFI 1912
Rockwell, George Lounsbury The History of Ridgefield, Connecticut
1927 Ridgefield, CT CONN 974.91 RIDGEFI 1927 
Rogers, Ernest E Connecticut's Naval Office at New London During the War of the American Revolution
1933 New London CONN 352 N-LONDO NAVY 1933
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Sawers, Mary Beeler Lineage of Jeremiah Mead of Greenwich, Connecticut, Soldier of the American Revolution
1958 Middletown, CT q929.2 MEAD 1958
Spallone, Jeanne Field A Watch to Keep: A History of the Old Winthrop Cemetery and Biographical Sketches of Ten Revolutionary Patriots Deep River Historical Society 1975 Deep River, CT CONN 974.91 DEEPRIV 1976
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Stuart, I.W.  Life of Jonathan Trumbull, Sen. Govenor of Connecticut Crocker and Brewster 1859 Boston 929.2 TRUMBUL 1859
Sullivan, Edward Dean Benedict Arnold: Military Racketeer Vanguard Press 1932 New York 929.2 ARNOLD 1932
Thompson, Marvin G. Connecticut Entrepeneur: Christopher Leffingwell American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut 1980 Hartford, CT 929.2 LEFFING 1979
Townshend, Charles Hervey The British Invasion of New Haven, Connecticut
1879 New Haven  CONN 974.91 NEWHAVE 1879 
Van Dusen, Albert E. Middletown and the American Revolution James D. Young Co 1976 Middletown, CT CONN 974.91 MIDDLET 1976
Walsh, James P Connecticut Industry in the Revolution American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut 1978 Hartford CONN 352 WALSH 1978
Whaples, Meigs H A Historical Sketch of Return Jonathan Meigs: A Revolutionary Hero of Connecticut Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

929.2 MEIGS 1917
White, David Oliver Connecticut's Black Soldiers, 1775-1783 Pequot Press 1973 Chester, CT CONN 352 BLACK ARMY 1973
Wicks, Edith M. Stamford's Soldiers: Genealogical Biographies of Revolutionary War Patriots from Stamford, Connecticut Stamford Genealogical Society 1976 Stamford, CT CONN 974.91 STAMFOR 1976
Willauer, George J. Jr Lyme miscellany, 1776-1976 Wesleyan University Press 1977 Middletown CONN 974.91 LYME 1977
Willingham, William  Connecticut Revolutionary, Eliphalet Dyer American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut 1976 Hartford 929.2 DYER 1976

Connecticut Revolutionary Pensioners Genealogical Publishing Company 1982 Baltimore CONN 352 CTDAR 1982

Hartland Patriotic Celebration H.S. Case 1930 Winsted CONN 974.91 HARTLAN 1930

Newsletter, New Haven Revolution Bicentennial Commission


Revolutionary Soldier Review Stamford Genealogical Society 1961 Stamford, CT CONN q352 SOLDIER REVIEW 1961

Roster of graves of or monuments to patriots of 1775-1783 in New Haven County. Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution 1931 New Haven CONN q974.91 N-HAVEN SAR 1931

Waterford and Independence, 1776-1976 American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, Town of Waterford 1975 Waterford, CT CONN 974.91 WATERFO 1975