Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Doing Research in Middletown

You know your ancestors went to church or school in Middletown, but you don't know which one.  How do you find their records?

A Summer Concert at Middletown's Long Hill Estate
Middletown was once much larger and included parts of several other towns. Cromwell, north of Middletown, was founded as part of the Mattabesset settlement in 1651. It was called “Upper Houses” until its separation from Middletown in 1851. Parts of modern Portland and East Hampton also once belonged to Middletown and were called “East Middletown.” The areas were first settled in 1714. In 1767, East Middletown split from Middletown to become Chatham. In 1841, Chatham split again to become Portland and East Hampton. Middlefield was the last of Middletown’s parishes to split off, in 1866. As a result, records for these other towns may be found in Middletown archives.

For more information about Middletown and where to locate repositories, use this locality guide created by Godfrey staff member, Bryna O'Sullivan: Middletown Locality Guide


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