Friday, June 13, 2014

This Week in the Scholar

In addition to creating the American Genealogical-Biographical Index Godfrey Library founder Fremont Rider published a three volume set of the genealogy of the Rider (Ryder) families.  This set, titled, Preliminary Materials for a genealogy of the Rider (Ryder) Families in the United States*, is now a part of the Godfrey Scholar+ Online Library!

Don't let the "Preliminary Materials" portion of the title deter you: in these three volumes Fremont Rider compiled information regarding members from forty independent Rider/Ryder families by searching through over twenty thousand books, over two thousand probate manuscripts and vital records, and engaging in detailed correspondence with nearly four hundred members of the Rider/Ryder families.  In his own words Rider states that this work, "is intended to furnish a foundation upon which, perhaps, later "Rider" genealogists may usefully build.  In the meantime it will provide those seeking the genealogical background of this wide-spread plexus of families with a great deal of basic data."

Like the AGBI the Rider (Ryder) Genealogy is arranged according to the "Rider Trace" System of Presentation.  Persons are listed alphabetically by last name.  Under each person's name is a small selection of relevant information which may include the date and place of birth, spouse, children, and other important dates.  Notations as to where the information was originally found are also listed under the names.  The key to decipher the abbreviations abbreviated notations is located in the colored pages of Volume 1.

A Rider (Ryder) Genealogy finding aid will be available soon.  In the finding aid we will provide a key for notation abbreviations and links to the sources referenced (when possible).

Other Additions

Histories of the Thirty-Third, Thirty-Seventh, Thirty-Eighth, Forty-Second, and Forty-Fourth Regiments from Massachusetts in the Civil War*
Histories of the First, Second, Third, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Twelfth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Regiments from New Hampshire in the Civil War*

State and Local Histories
The History of Plymouth County, Massachusetts*


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