Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Scholar Changes Explained

If you've used the Godfrey Scholar in the last day or so you may have noticed that things are not as they once were.  But do not fear!  All of the books and records are still right where they are supposed to be: we've just made a few formatting improvements to make your research experience simpler and more intuitive  The content of the Scholar is much more visible and it takes fewer click to navigate through the categories and subcategories!

Most of the changes made were alterations in section subcategory titles so as to better reflect the nature of the content they contained.  Certain materials were also renamed and more works are now visable in the main section for certain sections.  We've compiled a detailed list of the changes made below.

  •  "Databases" is now "Indexes" in the Cemeteries, Church Records, and Funeral Home Records sections.
  • "Digital Content" is now "Books" in the Biographies, Foreign, Genealogies, Military, Newspapers, and State and Local Histories sections.
  • "Digital Content" is now "Record Books" in the Church Records and Funeral Home Records sections.
  • "Digital Content" is now "Vital Records" in the Vital Records section.
  • "Individual Histories" under the Civil War subcategory is now "Biographies and Histories of Officers and Soldiers". 
  • The format of book titles in the Biography and Genealogies sections is now uniformly "Last Name, First Name: Remainder of Book's Title"
  • We added "Family Charts" and "Journals" as subcategories to the Genealogies section. 
  • The "Finding Aid" for the AGBI is now called "Abbreviation Key and Links to AGBI Sources"
  • The "Brooks Card Collection" in the Vital Records section is now called "Haddam Neck and Surrounding Towns Vital Record Abstracts: Brooks Family Card Collection"

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these changes please do not hesitate to contact the us.  Happy researching!

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