Saturday, August 9, 2014

This Week in the Scholar

This week we've added more biographies and genealogies from our library of scanned books.  About half the books added this week have to do with families or people with last names starting with A or B.  Another volume of the Doolittle Funeral Home Burial Records is also on the Scholar and the indexing for the Dunn Funeral Records is well on its way, with volumes 1-5 already completed and the rest in progress!

The Life of Thomas Bailey Aldrich*
The Life of William Alexander, Earl of Stirling*
Recollections of Henry Watkins Allen*
The Memorial of Joseph and Lucy Clark Allen*
Memorial Addresses of William Boyd Allison*
Life and Letters of Washington Allston*
Memorial Addresses of Carl Carey Anderson*
Life and Career of John Andre*
Sketch of the Official Life of John A. Andrew*
Life of John A. Andrews Vol. 1*
Life of John A. Andrews Vol. 2*
A Religious Biography of William Watson Andrews*
Biographical Study of Samuel Chapman Armstrong*
Autobiography of Wilmer Atkinson*
 Record of the Statue Dedication of Major General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks*
A Sunny Life: Biography of Samuel June Barrows*
Autobiography of Joseph Bates*
Autobiography of Lyman Beecher*
A Girl's Life from 80 Years Ago: Sellections of Letters by Eliza Southgate Bowne*
Memorial Addresses of Abraham L. Brick*
Solomon Stevens Burleson: Officer of the Line*
American Men of Letters: William Cullen Bryant*

Descendants of James and William Adams*
Descendants of Polly and Ebenezer Alden*
Descendants of Hugh Amory*
Balch Genealogica*
Monograph of the Family Beebe*
Descendants of Edward Chapman of Ipswich MA*

Funeral Home Records
Doolittle Burial Returns: Volume 61: May 1963 to Feb. 1965

State and Local Histories
Reasons Why Rhode Island Declared her Independence of Great Britain*

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