Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last Week on the Scholar

Last week was yet another hectic week at the Godfrey!  With getting ready for tomorrow's Irish Genealogy Luncheon, preparing for the annual appeal, and fixing computer problems there was never a slow moment.  This new batch of genealogies and biographies finishes up the D and E sections and gets a good way into the Fs.  Next week look forward to a bit more varied selection of new books, including cemetery records, burial returns, state and local histories, and more biographies and genealogies!

Memorial Addresses on William E. Dodge*
Daniel Drew*
American Religious Leaders: Jonathan Edwards*
Emerson at Home and Abroad*
English Men of Letters: Ralph Waldo Emerson*
Memorial of John Endecott*
Tribute to the Memory of Edward Everett*
Memorial of John Farmer*
Great Commanders: Admiral Farragut*
In Memoriam of Reuben E. Fenton*
Life and Public Services of William Fessenden*
Memories of a Hostess: Taken from the diary of James T. Fields*
Memoirs of Charles G. Finney*
Life and Thoughts of John Foster*
Persifor Frazer*
Fredmont and '49*
Guild 1957 Diary

Funeral Home Records
Doolittle Funeral Home Burial Records: Volume 65: Aug. 1970 to June 1972

Eaton Family: History, Genealogical and Biographical*
English Emersons*
Estes Genealogy*
Descendants of John Fillow*
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