Monday, October 27, 2014

Last Week on the Scholar

Last week was another busy one on the Godfrey Scholar!  We're well on our way to getting through our backlog of scanned books, with over 800 already on the Scholar and just about 300 left to go.  This time we're happy to bring you a selection of genealogies and biographies regarding people and families whose last names start with M, N, O, and P.  Be sure to check them out when you have a chance!

Memorial Addresses on Edmond H. Madison*
Papers of John Madison Vol. 2*
Memorial Addresses on George R. Malby*
Memorial Addresses on Stephen Russell Mallory*
Memorial of General J.F.K. Mansfield*
Charles W. March: Reminiscences of Congress*
Life and Labors of E.M. Marvin*
In Memory of John Joseph May*
Reminiscences of Justin McCarthy Vol. 1*
Reminiscences of Justin McCarthy Vol. 2*
Life, Campaigns, and Public Services of George McClellan*
Sunday School Man of the South: John McCulllagh*
Authentic Life of William McKinley*
Autobiography of Dwight L. Moody*
Life Story of J. Pierpont Morgan*
Life and Work of William Augustus Muhlenberg*
Memoir of Asahel Nettleton*
Life of Ethelbert Nevin*
Marshall Newell: A Memorial for his Classmates and Friends*
Autobiography of Chas Nichols*
Life, Character, and Public Services of Samuel Frederick Nixon*
Memoir of Abner Kingman Nott*
Sketches of the War by Charles C. Nott*
Memorial Addresses on Newton W. Nutting*
Memorial Addresses on Michael P. O'Connor*
Memoir of James Oglethorpe*
Life, Character, and Public Services of James Oliver*
A Memorial of Charlotte Amelia and Carrol Hanford Olmstead*
Memorial of Hugh Henry Osgood*
Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli*
Memories of the Professional and Social Life of John E. Owens*
Catharine J. Packer*
Memorial of Albert Gallatin Palmer*
American Men of Letters: Francis Parkman*
Memorial Addresses on Sereno Elisha Payne*
Memorial Addresses on James Breck Perkins*
Memorial of John D Philbrick*
Andrew Wheeler Phillips*
Arthur T. Pierson*
Orville H. Platt: An Old Fashioned Senator*
Life of William Hickling Prescott*
Israel Putnam*

Miller Family Magazine Vol. 1*
Mitchells from Kittery*
Moore-Jenkins Family Tree*
Genealogical, Biographical, and Historical Account of the Mudge Family*
Descendants of William Noyes*
Nye Family Genealogy*
Richard Otis: Genealogical Memoir of the Family*
Genealogy of Arthur Parke*
Genealogical Record of Samuel Pond*
Thomas Pope Genealogy*

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