Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This Week on the Scholar

From author's to politicians, the subjects of this week's new biographies are four incredible men from the history of the United States!

The Genius and Character of Emerson was the first book published by the Concord School of Philosophy recording a collection of nearly all the lectures in their complete form from one of their semester long courses.  The course, like the book, was titled "The Genius and Character of Emerson", and focuses on precisely that.  Lecture topics range from Emerson's relation to various places and people to how different cultures view his work.  A fascinating read for anyone interested in learning more about the great author.  The collection was edited by F. B. Sanborn.

Speaking of F.B. Sanborn, we finally fixed the errors from the original scanning of the first volume of his autobiography and added it to to Scholar!  Franklin Benjamin Sanborn was an author and a member of the Transcendentalist movement.  His two volume autobiography gives insight not only into his history, but also the changing path of his life's philosophy and opinions.

Everyone knows Theodore Roosevelt the rough rider 26th president of the United States.  But did you know, before he was president he owned a successful cattle ranch? Roosevelt in the Bad Lands chronicles the years of Roosevelt's life he spent in the Bad Lands, first as a four eyed tenderfoot who was the butt of everyone's jokes then later as a respected ranch owner who worked just as hard as any cowboy in his employ.

Finally we have the biography of William Pinkney.  Pinkney, born in Maryland in 1764, had a long and illustrious career.  He held many positions of importance in his life, including Mayor of Annapolis, Attorney General of Maryland, a Major in the War of 1812, Congressman, Senator, and. U.S. Minister to Russia.  The book was written by his nephew, the Rev. William Pinkney, D.D.

The Genius and Character of Emerson*
The Life of William Pinkney*
Roosevelt in the Bad Lands*
Recollections of Seventy Years: F.B. Sanborn, Vol. 1*

Church Records 
Middletown Second Congregational Church: Historical Outline


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