Friday, June 3, 2016

Call for Volunteers!

If you love cemeteries, we know immediately that you're a genealogist.  But did you know you can use that interest to help other genealogists with Connecticut roots?

If you have time to share, please consider participating in the Ed Laput Cemetery Project.  Volunteers are involved in photographing and transcribing tombstones, building databases, and searching cemetery records.

Tombstones continue to deteriorate and cemetery records are sometimes missing, damaged, or poorly organized.  The project seeks to preserve tombstone design and carving, as well as identify "lost" cemeteries.  To date, volunteers have completed 956 cemeteries with 370,664 names and 303,321 photographs.  Eleven Connecticut towns have all of their cemeteries done.  

Volunteering can be an excellent community service project for groups or a way for a community to honor their heritage.

Interested in participating? Please email Beth Mariotti at or call the library at 860-346-4375.

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